Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tooth Gel Show-Down

Let the games begin!  I have two brands of doggy oral care gel and we'll be using each one every day for 30 days.

First up, PetzLive Oral Care Gel with Wild Salmon Oil.  I bought this gel before I knew Dot was allergic to fish.  This gel helped me figure that out, in a horrible, disgusting way!  For that reason, Taco will be the test dog for this brand.  Note that they make a version without salmon oil but I thought the dogs would prefer the taste of this one.  Despite it having salmon oil high on the ingredient list, it smells strongly of mint and nothing like fish.  And Taco started out hating it with a passion, bucking like a bronco to get away from the highly-minty smell and taste.  But he's over it now, I just catch him in the evening when he's sleepy on my lap and apply it with my finger.

Taco's before picture:
You can see Taco is still young but he is starting to accumulate some tartar.
And the opponent, TropiClean Clean Teeth is allowing me to test out this product free of charge so thanks Chewy!  This gel also smells of mint, but a little less potent than PetzLife.  The bottle of gel also came with a free sample of their Fresh Breath + Plus Pre Biotic Digestive Support Dental Dog Treat which I was truly surprised to see are completely grain free!  Dot doesn't mind this gel at all, after I apply it with my finger she licks her teeth and doesn't act like it is a horrible punishment.

Dot's before picture:
At 6 years old and never having had a cleaning, Dot's teeth are much worse than Taco's.  The tartar is caked and touching her gumline.
 We'll see you back in one month with after pictures.  Will we be able to see a difference?  If not, Dot is certainly due for a dental at the vet!

Disclosure: provided me with one TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel Kit to review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are all mine and the dogs'.  :)


  1. Waiting on the results! I'm not that consistent with doggie dental care and have often wondered if the gels really worked.

  2. I can't wait to see the results! Though I have a brush and toothpaste for Hunter and tell myself I should help him brush it once a month, I tend not to and have resorted to dental treats.