Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wag Swag

When a friend of mine taught a small group of buddies (including me) to bead, she started us out making zipper pulls. They are easy, quick, fun and a great way to learn the techniques for beading. And I almost immediately knew I wanted to use those simple techniques to make some doggy goodies. I call these Wag Swag (well, my friend Mary named them).  They are a handmade, custom plaque on top that holds beaded dangles for each obedience, agility, rally, etc. title a dog earns!
Sully's red and black themed Wag Swag.
Dot's purple Wag Swag and Taco's blue Wag Swag.  (Not too many on Taco's yet, I still consider him my baby dog.)
Mary's Chesapeake Bay Retrieve Lex's orange and blue sports themed Wag Swag.
Mary's (different Mary) Sheltie Neeco's brown and black themed Wag Swag. 

They can hang on your crate, purse, training bag or just on your bulletin board with your ribbons.  It's fun to add a new dangle on every time you earn a new title!  Do you do something special when your dog earns a title?
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  1. These are adorable and would make great gifts!

  2. Some nice bling bling swag there!Happy Thoughtless Thursday