Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY tugs and toys

DIY toys save me a BUNCH of money. We still have to shell out actual money for Kongs and Bionic toys for everyday chewing but for training toys we mostly get by with homemade.
This picture includes two of Taco's favorites.  The first is what we call the strap.  It's the side of an old leather purse wrapped around strong nylon webbing and sewn down the middle.  It is reinforced with rope (the white you can see) and the webbing is sewn to create a loop handle on either end.

The other toy is simply a tennis ball (which we can get in mass quantities for FREE from the university tennis center, ask around your own area to see if you can too) with a whole drilled in it and a rope threaded through.  This makes it much easier to use for training because you can whip it out of your back pocket with the rope and tug with it without ever letting go.
This is my own version of a mesh treat pouch.  It is just a rectangle pocket of mesh laundry bag material the closes up with velcro.  I attached mine to a fleece braid to make it easier to toss and tug with.  This was made for Dot before we started using a food tube instead.  Note that I bought my "food tube" from Home Depot, not CleanRun.  Same thing, but without the shipping charge.

These are examples of fleece braid toys like the one attached to the treat pouch above.  These are great for tugging and motivation.  The top two are four strand braid (tutorial here) and the bottom one WAS a three strand braided toy with loop handle like these instructions.  Fleece toys don't last long in our house, that's why we make our own!  Fleece is cheap when it's on sale and you can get several toys out of a yard or two.

Do you make your own toys?  Have any unique tips or tutorials?

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