Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Agility-Our 2x2 weave poles

So, Dot and I are new to agility.  Dot is now in her fourth agility class (our club has 8 levels, so halfway through!).  We have worked weave poles almost exclusively in our basement using homemade 2x2s.  I used this DIY Tutorial from Ammo the Dachshund and it worked like a charm.  Dot can now sail through a set of 6 weaves

You can see the beginning stage of the 2x2 process in this video from January 2014:

And at 25 seconds, you can see her hop-hopping through a set of 6 like a pro, August 2014:

Why did I pick 2x2s?  Our club teaches channels, and uses 2x2s only for entries so they never progress past one set of 2.  I decided I liked the definite progression that 2x2s give you so stuck with it on my own.  I work well with a step-by-step, mini-goal program for training, with very clear signs to move on to the next step.  2x2s gives those concrete goals for moving on so there isn't any gray area. 

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