Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Agility- Mini Teeter

When we started doing agility, I knew I'd have to make a few pieces of equipment so we could get practice in between weekly classes.  We had tons of jumps already but I knew the contacts would be very different from anything we'd done before so I wanted to have at least small versions here at home.  I am super cheap so when I found a Little Tykes teeter totter at a garage sale for $1 I knew I had the base for a mini teeter of our own!  I started it's transformation by cutting off the handles.
Then I cut a board to fit on top of the teeter.  The shorter board you see is a mini contact trainer that I can set on blocks to create a dog walk effect for teaching two on-two off.  I gave each a base coat with paint I had left over from painting the basement (yellowish orange) and my husband's office (blue).  Then over the wet coat of paint I spread sand.
After that dries, brush off the loose sand and paint over it with another coat of paint.
Ta-da, finished painted and sanded boards.
I attached the board to the base with long lag bolts and weighted one end with a bag of sand stuffed into the seat of the teeter totter.  It's pretty small, but it works for teaching bang it on the end to get them used to the noise and also gets them used to movement under their bodies without investing in a full-sized teeter.

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