Friday, August 1, 2014

Taco's Incident

Does Taco look sad in this picture?  That's because he ripped up his paw out in the yard and had to have stitches!  He has been a really good boy about the whole thing.  He does wear an e-collar when we aren't around to supervise but most of the time he is leaving it alone.  This picture shows his foot bandaged up, but the bandages came off today and he gets his stitches out in a week or so.

I would like to eliminate the chance of this happening again but I still can't decide what he tore his paw on.  Maybe a jagged piece of fence?  Maybe one of the large branches we have down in the backyard?  I hope he lost interest in whatever it was after this happens so it doesn't happen again!

We have been leash-walking him so he doesn't get rambunctious and re-injure it before it heals, keeping him contained in the house and watching him like a hawk.  We had to skip Beginner Novice class this week but we still got in some stay and attention work at home, to keep his brain working!  He's a little mopey but not limping so paws crossed he will heal quickly and be back to normal soon.

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