Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chewy Product Testing for July

Chewy again gave us a new variety of treats to try out this month! And this time it was a treat EVERYONE could share!  We tested out Blue Wilderness Chicken & Duck Grain-Free Cat Treats.  That's right, cat treats.  I love using cat treats as dog training treats because they are so small!  And because these are grain free, both dogs could enjoy.

First up, the cat got to try them out.  He is very picky but I thought this flavor and the fact that they are soft and moist would entice him.  I called him and told him to sit, which he did.  Then held the treat up for him to bat at and then eat off the floor.  (He doesn't like to eat from your hand.)  Not happening.  He batted it from my hand but did not even taste it.  One sniff and he was done, apparently he only like fish-flavored treats.  (Probably because Dot is allergic to fish and he knows he won't have to share!)

The dogs were a different story.  Both of them LOVED the cat treats.  Dot seemed to like them a little bit more than Taco, who I'd say would put them above string cheese but below hot dogs.  The only complaint I had was that the tan color blended in with most flooring so it was hard to use them as a training treats for things like 2x2 weaves where I want to toss the treat out for the dog to get.  White string cheese or dark treats like jerky work best for that, depending on the floor color.

They were a little greasy in my hand when I squeezed them but didn't leave a mess in my pocket, always a plus!  I would by these at the pet supply store as a quick treat option.  No cutting like string cheese or cooked chicken, and they come in a handy resealable pouch!

Disclosure: provided me with one package of treats to review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are all mine and the dogs.