Saturday, June 28, 2014

Corgi Rescue Auction

While I don't currently have a Corgi, the name of the blog IS Corgipants and Corgis are still near and dear to my heart!  Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue is having an online auction to benefit their organization and I have donated one of my custom-made Corgi costumes.

 Over the years I've made lots of different Corgi crafts to donate to charity auctions. One of the most popular is the Corgi butt pin!  These are polymer clay which is then painted.
Mike helped me create this shirt, which was a fundraiser at one point for Lakeshore. It's also available in a Pembroke only and a Cardigan only version.
This purse has a warp-around Corgi. I stole the idea from a Dachshund purse I saw!
These two wall hangings were made using this Sharon Malec applique pattern. I should do another in black -headed tri to hang in my own house!
I did a few more polymer clay items, like these bracelets. I made the corgi beads and the little bone and paw print dangles using clay.
And these, believe it or not, are pens. You pop off their little butts and they are ball point pens! These are made by disassembling the pen, creating the body around the pen tube, then putting it back together after it's baked.

I also did a few paper crafts using hand-but silhouettes, like this framed scrapbook page. It's got all the FRAP phrases from this post on it.
These are notecards, simple but fun.
And this last one is a post-it note holder for your desk made from a plexiglass photo holder.


  1. Cute stuff! Love crafting! You'll have to check out the corgis my sis and I felted for the San Diego Fair. (We won a big ribbon for the best theme entry of everything at the fair!) (Hope it doesn't think I'm spamming you since I included a link!)

  2. Oh how cute. My favorite is the Corgi butt pin!