Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recent dog events

I've been a bit busy with dog events lately! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had Dot in Open A at a trial in Indiana.  When scheduling trials, I always forget that Indiana is 1 hour ahead (unless it's an IN town near Chicago)  and therefore I have to get up an hour earlier, which is exhausting.  I have erased the next few Indiana trials off the calendar for this reason!  Anyway, I was happy with Dot's performance even though no dogs in Open A qualified.  (At least we weren't alone!)  She went around the high jump on the way back and then went down in the long sit.  It was a good effort from her considering she has not been in the ring much at all .  Our last Open attempt was last November.

This past weekend, I Chaired my very first dog event!  I was Secretary/Chair of our club's VST test this year.  It was an awesome event.  Saturday we had fantastic weather for plotting the tracks, sunny and a bit breezy but nice and warm!  Sunday was overcast and we had sprinkles here and there but it did NOT pour on us or lightening while we were out there so I am calling it a huge win!  Of 7 dogs, we had no one pass but that is not unusual.  We still enjoyed a day full of donuts, fun with our dogs, mexican food and camaraderie.  Now to mail all the paperwork off to the AKC and claim myself a successful Chair!

Dot moved up from Agility Prep to Agility 1 and is still loving it!  Our 2x2 weaves have progressed to weaving 4 poles, she loves the dogwalk, aced the tire and is getting plenty of friendly experiences on the baby teeter.

Taco started his very first class ever!  He is in our club's Sub-Novice class, which is the per-requisute for most other classes.  We skipped Home Companion since he already has his CGC.  Our club has a red bandanna program, dogs that need extra space wear a red bandanna and I put one on Taco.  I struggled with whether I wanted him labeled as an "aggressive pit" when that is really the farthest from the truth.  Taco has shown some signs of leash frustration and has lashed out a couple of times when he got overstimulated and was not able to get to another dog to PLAY.  He wants to play so badly, and when he's not allowed to it turns into frustration and comes out looking like a snarling and growling aggressive pit.  So I went with the bandanna, only so that people give us a little space and he doesn't get super-stimulated wanting to play nearby dogs.

One of our regional Brittany Clubs (we have three within driving distance!) hosted the Central Futurity at our club's building so I got to be one of the club-rep welcomers and see all the adorable Brittanys.  I was a little shocked at how much grooming was going on!  I think of the Brittany as a wash and wear dog but there was a LOT of clipping, trimming and thinning going on.  No wonder Dot doesn't look anything like those dogs, she needs a few sessions with a pro!

This will be week 4 of 4-H class and all is going as planned.  A few advanced students are starting retrieves, while others are working on mainly on the basics.  Our beginner class has a "silver lab", a Weimaraner and what they list as a Mastiff mix that all look remarkable similar. Add to that an Aussie, a toy poodle, a yellow lab and an Airedale, we have quite the variety!

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