Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Evo Wild Cravings review thanks to Chewy.com (with giveaway)

Chewy.com again gave us the chance to review some new-to-us treats!  Evo Wild Cravings Red Meat Formula Dog Treats are really unique in that they are a dry treat that is completely grain free and made with a high level of quality meat.  And boy do they smell (and taste) like it!  At least I assume they taste like it because the dogs were as interested in these DRY treats as they are in string cheese and hot dogs.
I like that the treats are easy to break into smaller pieces which makes them work well for training.  Usually a dry treat would not be enticing enough to keep Taco focused during a group class but these worked really well at Sub-Novice class last night.  I alternated between these and string cheese and did not notice a drop in focus when using these.

I also used these to reward Dot after putting on her ointment (she had an infected whisker follicle that needs 10 days of ointment.  It's always SOMETHING!)  and she LOVED them.  She hates the ointment on her lip and would melt and hide under the table but show her one of these and she'll stay in the kitchen for her treatment!

For the chance to win some credit at Chewy.com to spend on whatever you want (but these are highly recommended by our two chow hounds!), enter the giveaway below.

Disclosure: Chewy.com provided me with one package of treats to review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are all mine and the dogs.

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