Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Petbrosia review

 Petbrosia bills itself as a natural dog food blend that is matched to your pet based on their breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level, and other needs.  I took this to mean that the formulas were customized for your specific pet, but I was mistaken.  They have several base formulas and the one that best fits your pet is chosen, but ingredients may not be added or removed for your pet's specific diet.

To see how their formulas differ, I created  several pet profiles:  an older, overweight dog, an active puppy, Taco (an active young adult) and Dot (a dog with dietary restrictions).  Formulas selected for all profiles use the same ingredients list, just in slightly different order.

The old, overweight dog gets slightly less protein and fat and slightly more fiber, standard for a weight-control dog food.
nutritionals for old, overweight dog
The puppy under 1 year gets slightly more protein and fat, standard for a puppy food.
nutritionals for puppy under 1 year old

Taco. The only difference between his and the puppy's is chicken fat and sweet potato are reverse in the order of ingredients.  Taco's food has amounts that are standard for an adult food and calorie count is nearly identical to his current food.
nutritionals for Taco's food

But it became obvious that the formulas are not customizable.  When I made a test pet with all allergies marked (Chicken, Corn, Wheat, the formula given still contained Chicken and Potato.   The website says "An expert will review your pet's allergies before finalizing your order. Petbrosia does not contain corn, soy, or wheat."  But had I not read that small print, I could easily have assumed that the formula the website produced was right for my pet and was instantly given the option to order it.  When I contacted Petbrosia about this I was told that every order is reviewed by an expert pet nutritionist before processing and if they are unable to remove or adjust to what the consumer request they email or call the customer to let them know.

In the case of Dot who cannot have fish oil or fish ingredients, I was told that Petbrosia is "unable to remove the fish oil. As this is an ingredient that can not be taken out as by removing fish oil would change the omega-3 to omega-6 profile and would not be beneficial to the pet."  The formulas they offer are equivalent to standard dog food and not truly customizable and that's a shame.  I thought this would be a great option for those of us who have pets dealing with food sensitivities.  But it sounds like that is not what Petbrosia is for.

So I went ahead and ordered a blend for Taco, who has no diet restrictions.   He ate the food, as he would any food you put in front of him.  One thing I noticed was that the recommended serving for him was 2 1/2 to 3 cups per day.  I had been feeding him almost 4 cups of his previous food, but the calorie content was about the same.  He had not been getting fat previously but he HAD been super active, sometimes with excess energy he didn't know what to do with.  The feeding guidelines for Petbrosia reminded me that I could probably just feed him less food and bring that energy down to a manageable level, and that is exactly what happened.

One neat thing I do think they have going for them is that the website will track your pet's changes and the algorithms will adjust based on the information provide; therefore, the blend will adjust to your pet as your pet ages.  Without even having to think about it, Petbrosia will start to send you adult food when your puppy becomes a full grown dog and then as it grows older, the formula will adjust to senior formula.
Disclosure: Petbrosia provided me with one 3-pound box of dog food to review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are all mine and the dogs.


  1. What an interesting review. I think I met representatives last year at Bark World. Fascinating. Thank you!

  2. Bentley has been trying the Petbrosia also. He seems to like it and I haven't had any issues with the food. He doesn't have any allergies though so that is not a problem. Thanks for the information about the formulas!

  3. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with any pets with allergies. I've heard of Petbrosia, but like you, I assumed that you could better customize the food for your pet. What a very helpful review!

  4. Read lots of good review of Petbrosia. PAWsome review. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  5. Thanks! Glad I read this!