Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Agility Jumps

Jumps are the most basic of agility equipment, definitely something you can make and use at home for training.  Here are some of the best tutorials I've found online to help you make functional, durable and pretty at-home agility jumps!
Ammo the Dachshund has some great agility tutorials!  Easy to follow, with lots of pictures, the jump tutorial tells you what to buy and how to put it together

If you're more of a video watcher, this guy's series of videos goes through the step-by-step process of jump making.  INCLUDING making your own jump cups. 

Jump cups are probably the most complicated part of assembling jumps.  There are several methods but I  like this guy's the best because it uses an EASY TO FIND coupling. (His jump-making method however uses the exceedingly more hard-to-find 4-way connector that you can usually only buy online.)
If you can find the components, there is also this option for making jump cups from a saddle piece used in irrigation systems. I could not find this anywhere but online. Instant Agility has a post about other alternatives for jump cups so you're bound to find a method that works for you!
How about adding some wings to those jumps!  This great tutorial from Camp Bandy is for free-standing wings so they can be used with any jump!
Want to make a tire jump?  There are a couple of different options.  Tell me this isn't just a hulahoop inside of a jump standard.  Easy peasy!  If you want to get a little more fancy, Camp bandy again has a great tutorial for a more involved PVC and drainage pipe version.
And who wants plain old white jumps?  This tutorial from Make Magazine shows you how to dye PVC pipe ANY color you can think of!  Although I might steer you toward colors that contrast with your training area and that dogs can see accurately.  Here's a great article on canine color vision and how it impacts agility equipment.

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