Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WinsDay #6

Wow, it's Wednesday again!  I meant to make a video for this week but forgot.  My win for this week is Taco's progression on retrieve. He has really got the idea down and likes the exercise.  BUT I do need to take a step back and really reinforce the hold.  He likes to take a few chomps before settling into a nice hold.  So we'll be doing a LOT of "take it" from my hand, building up duration on a nice solid hold.

Join us for WinsDay and show off your dog showing/trialing/training pictures and stories.  Show off your ribbons, tell us about your latest training triumph or ask a burning dog show question you're dying to hear others' opinions on.

WinsDay is not just the place to show off ribbons.  Maybe you learned something new about a breed or dog sport that you'd like to share or maybe you have a doggy giveaway going on at your blog and would like to give us all a chance to win!  Maybe your dog earned its CGC or you started working on a new level of obedience or agility.  Maybe you mastered doorway manners or housebroke your new puppy.  These are all wins, celebrate them with us!


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