Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WinsDay #5 (Ribbons!)

Some of Sully's ribbons before I took them down to make room for Dot.
It's WinsDay and I want to talk about the thing we win most often: Ribbons!  Crystal of Reactive Champion wrote recently about being a "ribbon whore" and I totally relate. Since grade school I have been motivated by ribbons.  Whether it was a reading challenge at the library, a contest at school or 4-H competitions, if there was a ribbon (or trophy) in it, I put in more effort.  Something about a tangible object to focus on made it easier for me to visualize myself performing and winning.  Even today I appreciate trials and titles for the opportunity they give me to focus on a specific goal, which creates for me a path to follow.  Without a goal, I tend to amble along and not really progress.  If my training is not focused on a specific outcome, I skip days, repeat steps and settle for mediocre from the dogs.  Ribbons are really the end product of productive, purposeful time spent having fun with my best furry friends!
Sometimes you accumulate too many and need to find things to do other than store them in boxes. I made this wreath which hangs in my craft studio. I posted a tutorial here.This one is made out of horse ribbons from my Jr High and High School days.

Join us for WinsDay and show off your dog showing/trialing/training pictures and stories.  Show off your ribbons, tell us about your latest training triumph or ask a burning dog show question you're dying to hear others' opinions on.

WinsDay is not just the place to show off ribbons.  Maybe you learned something new about a breed or dog sport that you'd like to share or maybe you have a doggy giveaway going on at your blog and would like to give us all a chance to win!  Maybe your dog earned its CGC or you started working on a new level of obedience or agility.  Maybe you mastered doorway manners or housebroke your new puppy.  These are all wins, celebrate them with us!


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