Friday, December 13, 2013

Dog Club Holiday Party Games

I was put in charge of the games at our Dog Training Club's annual holiday party.  I thought you all might benefit from hearing about how they went, maybe try them at your own party too.  After a fantastic potluck, we gave ourselves a few minutes to digest and then the fun began!

We warmed up with a few rounds of Heads or Tails, the classic game we play at every Project Linus function.  Everyone stands up at their seat and for each round of the game they choose heads or tails.  So everyone places both hands either on top of their head or both hands on their tush.  The leader flips a coin and those who chose correctly remain standing while the losers sit.  Repeat until you have one winner and award a prize!

Then we moved on to a rousing game of Pennyhose, one of my favorites from my Minute-to-Win-it parties. Here I am in my master of ceremonies hat, demonstrating.
Place a penny in both toes of a pair of pantyhose, then the contestant places one hand in each leg.  The object of the game is to get the pennies out without touching your hands together, and within the 60 second time limit.  Hilarious to watch!

Another Minute-to-Win-it game followed:  Bobble-Head, which I renamed "Dog with an Ear Infection".  Contestants wear a headband with a pedometer on it and must wrack up as many "steps" as possible in 60 seconds by shaking, nodding and moving their head around.  Also hilarious to watch, but we had several people get over 100 steps, which is pretty good.

The next game was a bust, so I won't even go into it.  It involved trading beans and no one seemed to understand it so we will NOT be playing that again!

And the last game was Human Agility Course.  The agility course was set up for practice over the winter break.  We timed runs which consisted of 6 jumps and a set of 12 weave poles.  You could also do the tunnel for bonus points and one person did!  We awarded first and second place in open and had one veterans competitor take home a prize as well! 

We have fun!  What do you do at your Club?


  1. Ok dog with an ear infection definitely sounds hilarious! lol

    1. It is one of the most fantastic sites to watch! Try it out!

  2. I agree with Ann! The dog with an ear infection game sounds like lots of fun and also lots of fun to watch!

    1. If you like watching your friends act silly, I heartily endorse playing this game!