Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 fall AKC Obedience

Our one green ribbon for the weekend.
Our Club's fall AKC Obedience and Rally Trial was this past weekend.  I entered Dot in Graduate Novice both days and Open on Saturday only.  I don't like to throw money away and didn't figure we would qualify in Open but wanted to get an idea of where we were at in our Open training.

Saturday Open A- NQ, She ALMOST qualified, all the exercises were passable but she got up when I was about 2 feet from her returning from the long sit!  Ack!  She was all tail-wagging and so excited to see me she just couldn't keep her little butt on the ground for 10 more seconds!  Such a silly thing to NQ for with a dog that sticks her stays 100%.  Now I have to say 99%.
Can't stay mad at a face like this!
Saturday Graduate Novice- Q.  Not much else to say, there were some missing sits and some crooked finishes.
Do I smell a tornado?
Sunday Graduate Novice- NQ, She was doing well until she walked around the high jump.  I'm going to blame the tornadoes blowing through the area and the fact that she had to wait around all day while I stewarded for Utility and Grad Open.  But really we just need more proofing and practice.  I put her through a 2-week Drop on Recall crash course and she's got it fairly well but it's not pretty like it will be with more polishing.  She also had a 2-week Broad Jump cram session because that is something we had not really gotten past the jump-over-for-thrown-food stage.

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