Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dot made her first trip to Chicago recently and it wasn't even for  dog show!  We headed to the Windy City to take a leisurely cruise, thanks to Two Pitties in the City.  We won tickets to the Mercury's Chicago Canine Cruise, a dog-friendly river and lake cruise highlighting history and architecture. 
The day was overcast, but not too chilly.  We took Amy's parking deck advice and got to the dock with time to spare so we strolled a bit on the Riverwalk.
The cruise itself was enjoyable.  I was impressed with how much fun our guide seemed to have telling us facts he has probably said hundreds of times.  Boats rides are so relaxing, and I loved the spray from the lake when we got up some speed! 
I was blown away by how well-behaved each and every dog on the cruise was.  We usually avoid pet-dog type activities like fun fests and "dog days" at certain attractions because people are notoriously bad judges of whether their dog should attend or not.  But everyone on this particular day had made a wonderful decision, and all the dogs enjoyed themselves.

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  1. I've read about this tour before and it looks like great fun...Wish we had something like that here