Monday, November 12, 2012

Keeping Busy

 I volunteered to be a zombie in the Zombie Run 5K this year.  It was fun but REALLY cold.  Here I am all ready to go in my outfit (thrifted from the Salvation Army store)  and makeup (did it myself with junk I had in the bathroom).  All I bought was a tube of fake blood for 50 cents!

Mike and I  participated in the Girls on the Run East Central Illinois Fall 5K.  Say that 5 times fast!  I am hoping to get involved as a volunteer with this awesome group and wanted to see how race day went.

 I was really proud of Mike, this was his very first 5K!  This was the perfect one for a 5K newbie because it is non-competitive and EVERYone gets a medal at the end.  You can also see that we were ALL racer number 1.  :)

Excuse the iphone pictures!  I was Mary Poppins for Halloween but the battery in the camera was dead!  I didn't buy anything for this costume except the flowers and cherries (wooden balls painted red) for my hat.  ALL the kids knew who I was but so many adults had no idea.  Kind of weird, I guess it's been a while for some of them since they've watched kid movies.