Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sad News

 Last week we had to say goodbye to our dear Sully.  About two months ago we took him to the vet for vomiting that was getting more frequent. The most likely problem was a food sensitivity so we found a limited ingredient food and started a trial with it to see if that would help. When it didn't, we tried another food with a different protein and even more limited ingredient list. That didn't help either, the vomiting was getting more frequent and he was loosing weight.
Blood tests, X-rays and exploratory surgery failed to give any clear indication of what it could be but he was loosing more weight, unable to keep much food down or digest completely what food did pass through. It became clear that it was something serious. Lymphoma. At only 9 years old, I didn't think I would have to deal with this for at least a few more years but life holds many surprises, good and bad.
Sully was a very special dog for us. Our first dog we had together, he completed our family. He was also Mike's first special dog that he connected with beyond just a pet. He was like our son. He went everywhere with us, including vacations through 8 states. His last trip was traveling up Route 66 with us just this summer. The house feels quiet, but Stewart is helping keep us company. We will miss him very much. It's hard to think about right now but I'm sure there will come a day when we're ready to welcome a new furry family member into our home but for now we will be a family of 3.


  1. I'm so sorry about Sully :( They definitely leave paw prints on our hearts

  2. Dear Jenna:
    I know how hard it must be for you, having been there myself. They never stay with us long enough. I don't know if you're on FB or not...or whether or not you're friends with other corgi owners, but three other very special little dogs have gone this week, too. It's very sad for all of us in the Corgi Nation. I'm sending condolences and healing prayers to you and Mike. Know that Sully was greeted at the Bridge by other extraordinary fairy dogs just like him - and we'll all miss your sweet boy right along with you.
    Donna and Tag

  3. I just linked to your blog from Corgi Tails and read your sad new and just wanted to say I hope it won't be long before your extreme sadness over the sudden loss of little Sully will soon be replaced by your joyful memories of him and all the years you enjoyed his companionship and love. We lost our 10 1/2 year old Pembroke, Winston, 6 weeks ago, so we understand your heart break. He also developed a health issue out of the blue like Sully and it caught us off guard. Like you, we imagined we wouldn't deal with such a health issue until he was older. I still cry several times a day, and although we have our 14 year old male Westie, and our 2 year old female Beagle Fox Hound that we adore, there was something about Winston that we can't explain. My husband and I were both SO attached to him. We both work from home so we were with Winston every minute of the day. It does get a little easier as the weeks go by, but we're not there yet. We are however getting ready to welcome a new little Corgi into our family. Thinking we'll name him Winston Jr. I feel a tad of guilt but I also know I NEED another Corgi in our family because we miss Winston too much to go without the kind of love and affection he gave us every day.

  4. Oh Jenna, I'm so sorry to hear that Sully is gone. When I lost my Audrey at 9 years it was very hard. There's no replacing a beloved animal. It's especially difficult when you thought you'd have more time with them. I hope you and Mike are doing okay, you're in my thoughts.


  5. Sounds like he was one of those very special dogs. What a good boy.