Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 County Fair

This year I kind of let the fair slip right by.  I had a few items ready that I made earlier in the winter but I haven't really crafted since March or early April.  I took a total of 8 items which is very low for me.  And most shockingly, I did NOT get a doily done!  I had planned to get a lot done in the car to and from MA but the doily I am working on is such fine thread it was impossible to do in the car while it was moving!
 You've seen this quilt before, it's for Porject Linus. It got second place in the Large Machine Quilted category.
My crochet table runner (zig zag white, blue and green) also got second place in the Crochet Table Cloth of Table Dressing category.
You're seen this picture before, it's one that I made for the Town and Country Art show. It got first place in the Embroidered Home Decor, which I was pretty excited about.
This is the other embroidered piece I made for the Town and Country art show and since I wasn't sure which category to put them in, I put one in the embroidery division and I put this one in the Art Picture class in the Crafts division. It got first but it was the only entry.
And I think you've seen this guy before too. My 2011 cross stitch ornament was a sailor santa and he got third place in Christmas Ornaments.

So with my small batch of items, I still managed to make my money back plus a little pocket money but I was sad I didn't finish my doily in time. It's a really big one this year and fairly intricate but it'll be done for next year and then it's destined to be a present for someone so I can't show it to you!

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