Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Vacation: Days 1 and 2

We left Friday night and Mike (who is used to a schedule where he is up super early) drove through the night while I mostly slept through Indiana, Ohio, Pennslyvania and New York.    Saturday we arrived in Massachusetts and unloaded all of our cargo at our home-for-the-week.  We won the use of this vacation apartment at the church service auction and didn't really know too much about it or the town it was in.  It turned out to be a really cute top story of a large old house in Natick, which is an equally adorable town!
Dinner on Saturday was at a place called Dosa Temple. I had the Madras Tiffin, which was a HUGE meal that included idli, vada, a masala dosa, vegetable uthappam, and dessert. The idli (steamed rice cakes) were not terribly good, but I'm not a big fan anyway. The vada (lentil doughnut) was greasy. But the dosa made up for it! Crispy and delicious and HUGE, and filled with a mildly spicy veggie and potato mixture! The uthappam was ok, kind of bland but that's what all the sauces and chutneys are for! Dessert was payasam which is vermicelli noodles in a sweet milk with raisins and nuts, very tasty!
Mike has panneer tikka masala and garlic naan, a favorite of us both!
We did a bit of shopping in Natick (there is a really big mall there that has a Lululemon AND a Lucy store! I'll show you what I got in a different post.) and then had a little time to set up our computer and chill Saturday night.
The one downside to the apartment was that it didn't have air conditioning! Can you imagine? Thankfully the weather cooperated all week long and I was chilly with the windows open almost every single night. Sunday Morning I had a plain old fruit and seeds plate and forgot to take a picture. My workout was running up and down and around Coolidge Hill, which was just a couple of blocks from where we were staying.
On Sunday it was off to Boston! We took the T (the commuter train) in and had lunch at SoWa market, where a bunch of food trucks congregate on Sunday.
I had this soba noodle salad from the Bon Me truck. I got it with tofu and mushrooms on top, spicy peanut dressing and added jalapenos, it was SPICY! Mike and I got some super awesome brownies from Yummy Mummy Brownies, he got peanut butter and I got marzipan. No picture, we ate them too fast!
After lunch we went super-tourist and took the bus to Boston Common to catch our Freedom Trail Foundation tour. Our guide was great, I would highly recommend this organization. (There are several different ones that give tours but this is the only one that is a non-profit and proceeds to toward preserving the sites on the Freedom Trail.)
We saw all the classic sites, plenty of statues, the granary burying ground, Boston Latin School, Park Street Church.
When we got home, dinner was a big salad with beans on top and some random bits from the Whole Foods bar. Now, I have to say that after seeing everyone on the internet loading up their little brown boxes with goodies, I was SO excited to try out the prepared food bar. But when I got there, NOTHING looked exciting at all. So I got a piece of lemongrass tofu, a piece of fried tofu with some sauce and a falafel and they were all mediocre at best. At least I know now, I am NOT missing out. Also on my plate are some grapes, a bit of amazing Zesty Lemon Hummus (NOT from Whole Foods, from a normal old grocery store) and an apple. We headed off to bed a bit early, tired from all our excitement in Boston and this trend continued the whole vacation. We went to bead around 9:30 each night and got up around 5:30, usually without an alarm! That's just how relaxed and natural the vacation was!

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  1. What's especially crazy is that means that we were going to sleep around 8:30pm (sometimes even around 7:45pm) and getting up before 4:30am every morning without an alarm clock!

    The Zesty Lemon hummus was from Roche Bros., a Boston area chain (akin to Schnucks, or Hy-Vee, or an upscale market you have that carries Full Circle Organics and thinks they're the only one to do so.)