Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation: Day 6

Thursday morning I walked to Spirit Bear yoga to try out their Hour of Pour hot yoga class. I had never done hot yoga before and it was....HOT! I totally forgot to bring a towel with me so my mat was a giant puddle but the heat and humidity let you get SO loose and stretched. Not to mention I am cold-blooded so being surrounded by heat was AWESOME!
On my way home I stopped at the Bakery on the Common to get my slice of traditional Boston Cream Pie!
And somehow I also ended up with a black and white cookie and a HUGE M&M cookie. I ate half the cookie for breakfast! With a bowl of mango, strawberries, honeydew and cantaloupe with a little oatmeal sprinkled on top.
Our destination on this day was Rhode Island. We went to the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales University. (Did our vacation have a food theme?)
They have a very large section devoted to the evolution of the diner, from horse-drawn food cart to shiny mod restaurant.
I posed by these waffle irons because my calendar told me the next day (June 29th) was Waffle Iron Day. After the museum, we had lunch at East Side Pockets, which was delicious. I guess I forgot to take a picture though! I had the falafel pocket (which was HUGE!) and shared curly fries with Mike.
After lunch, we were off to the beach! The water was COLD! A day of extreme temperatures, hot yoga cold ocean!
It was a really nice day and the beach was packed. Which was kind of bizarre, not what I expected at all. I'm not sure how often I would go to the beach if it's always this crowded.
After the beach, we drove back to Natick, chilled for a bit and then I changed clothes for Hula Hooping with Wildkat Hoops! A highlight of the trip for me because we do not have any hoop classes here and I've been wanting to try it. It was awesome! Turns out, all those Zumba and Hip Hop Hustle classes have given me hip-swiveling mastery. I am totally making my own hoop!
On the way back from hooping, we made an unplanned stop at the Peace Abbey. We noticed it on the way over and made a note to stop and see what it was all about. Turns out it's all about peace, nonviolence and cruelty-free living.
This statue of Gandhi is surrounded by quotes from sixty peacemakers from around the world.
And behind that there is a statue of Emily the Cow, who escaped from a slaughterhouse and lived at the Peace Abbey. She is surrounded by quotes about vegetarianism and cruelty-free living. We were sad to see that the Peace Abbey is for sale but found out that the memorials are safe and will remain, while the museum contents have been incorporated into the University of Massachusetts Boston.
Dinner for me was a big salad as usual. This time I included some tempe that I sliced up and pan-seared. Silly me, I bought this at Trader Joe's thinking I could take it back with me but I don't think that would work so well since we were off to Canada before heading home! So I had to use it up before we left. This salad also had beets from Trader Joe's and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower on the side. Dessert was that piece of Boston Cream Pie I picked up after yoga! And it was GOOD! So I didn't get to eat it IN Boston but at least it was in Massachusetts. It is the official state dessert after all!


  1. I really have to learn to take my hands out of my pockets when someone is taking my picture.

    Also, not just a statue of Emily the cow, but also her burial place, which is why we were so worried about the Abbey being for sale. Statues can be moved.

  2. Wow, you really have a great vacation, you look so happy and enjoyed everything out there :D Have a great day guys.

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