Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Vacation: Day 5

These are some shots of the trails in Coolidge Woods. It has really lovely, well-tended paths. The weather cooperated and each morning was just a little damp and cool.
On Wednesday I found the fitness stations that I had heard about but couldn't find the day before! So my run was punctuated with dips, pull-ups, sit-ups, box jumps, balance beam and all variety of other fun activities!
It's hard to take pictures of yourself in the woods though. I had to string the camera up in a tree.
Breakfast was the usual fruit plate of kiwi, grapes, raspberries and a peach. I ate part of the WholeSoy & Co. soy yogurt but it was NOT as good as the coconut milk yogurt. And I had a spoonful of Teddie peanut butter that I picked up at the grocery store! This is another product I'd heard about and wanted to try. It's peanut butter, what can I say? It's good but not any better than my favorite natural store brand and their Super Chunky version that I was Super Excited about wasn't any more chunky than the peanut butter I brought along with me! Just goes to show you that you always think the grass is greener on the other side. Until you get there.
Our first activity on Wednesday was whale watching! So we drove to Boston (traffic was not nearly as bad as we had been warned) and got on the boat at the New England Aquarium. On the ride out to where the whales were, we were told about some of the landmarks we could see on shore and we could also watch a movie about whale research. Once we got to the whales, we saw several Humpback Whales including a mom and baby! It was kind of bizarre how there are so many boats out there, all trying to spot and zoom in on whales when they pop up.
I was so glad I dressed warmly, it was windy and chilly out on the water! I had to sit inside most of the time. But see the boat behind us and the upper deck that is uncovered? People sat up there the entire time, even when we were speeding out to site, they had to be SO COLD!
After our whale watching, we visited the Aquarium exhibits. This is a very blurry sea turtle whizzing by.
This adorable sea lion (seal? not sure) was playing with a toy. He kept flinging it around, like a dog!
We had lunch at Legal Seafood. Mike had a lobster roll, which he really enjoyed. I think that might have been the only seafood he ate the whole trip! I had a baked potato and salad, nothing exciting but I wasn't terribly hungry. To tell the truth, the bumpy trip out to the whales had kind of made my tummy flip-flop a little. But at least I didn't throw up like one poor girl on the boat. Ew!
We shared this "Boston Cream Pie" but it was more like tiramisu in its construction. I wanted to have Boston Cream Pie in Boston but after eating this (though it was tasty) I didn't count it was my Boston Cream Pie since it wasn't very traditional! After lunch we did a little shopping at Quincy Market. We didn't actually buy a single thing but we did find a pressed penny machine and got a few new ones for our Penny Passport!
Later on, the town of Natick was having a celebration on the Common (which is what we would call a square or central park). You can see the event behind me, where I got to play plinko, duck pond, Mike got cotton candy, I got a slice of pizza and you might also be able to see the orange braid I got for my hair. This ice cream sandwich was HUMONGOUS! It didn't come from the festivities though, it came from this adorable ice cream shop across the street, Park Street Ice Cream.
Isn't she the cutest? I got to sample Blue Moon ice cream! It tasted like...Juicy Fruit gum? Cherry-vanilla? Tooty-fruity? Not sure, but I'm sure I couldn't eat a whole scoop of it! Instead I got a handmade ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies and cookies and cream ice cream inside. YUM! I think I saw her put at least 4 scoops of ice cream in that thing!
This place was too cute! I forgot to take a picture the day we were there so this is from Thursday morning so it's closed.
Pizza was not a complete dinner so to make sure I was getting my veggies, I made a salad with beans, cooked some cauliflower and broccoli and had a little watermelon before busting out the ice cream sandwich!


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