Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Vacation: Day 3

Breakfast on Monday was oatmeal with raspberries, kiwi and an orange. While I won't mourn the fact that we don't have one in our area, one thing I did like at Whole Foods was their huge selection of non-dairy yogurt. I ate half of this plain So Delicious coconut milk yogurt and it was FANTASTIC! Definitely a buy-again if I can find it in our area. My morning exercise was the Sunrise Vinyasa class at Laughing Dog yoga studio. I could just kick myself for forgetting to take a picture! The walls had a great paint treatment that looked like large square panels dry brushed in different directions. We practiced several flows that were new to me, and then we got to do a LOT of inversion work at the wall as well as a backbend series. And I LOVE a studio without mirrors since our gym has mirrors EVERYWHERE and I really rely on them too much for my positioning when I should really concentrate on knowing where my body parts are without looking.
Our first site of the day was a tour at America's Test Kitchen. We love watching America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country on PBS and we get Cook's Illustrated. Mike found out that ATK was VERY close to where we were going to be. So we set up a tour and when we arrived were only slightly confused by the completely nondescript, unmarked entrance! Our tour guide (Shannon Hatch, assistant editor for Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines) was just fantastic, answering all of our questions and telling us all about the process of selecting and creating recipes, testing products and publishing magazines and books and putting on two tv shows.
My questions were mainly about how health factors into their recipe creation. (Answer-it doesn't unless they specifically make that a goal in the beginning of the process for that particular recipe.) So at the end of the tour she gave us access to the "leftovers" fridge, but since it was Monday there was slim pickin's. She also gave us some copies of the magazines, including a special edition full of light recipes since that's what I had been interested in. So nice!! I didn't take many good pictures so here is someone who took the tour and took great pictures!
Lunch was at Cutty's, a restaurant opened by some former America's Test Kitchen employees. I had the Eggplant Spuckie sandwich with tomato soup and thought it was tasty (but the eggplant was a bit chewy and it could have used a sharper cheese or perhaps tangier olives). Mike got the Roast Beef 1000 and was WOWED, he loved it!
Then it was off to the Adams National Historical Park for the afternoon. We took yet another form of transportation, a trolley, to get around!
First we toured the Presidential Birthplace, which was nice. Our guide was not terribly great but it was interesting to hear about John Adams growing up and becoming a lawyer, then into politics. etc.
Then the trolley took us to the "Old House", which is the house that Adams bought and lived in when he returned from France. This tour was WAY TOO LONG and boring, mainly about the family, visitors, furnishings, etc.
The only saving grace of this tour was the AWESOMELY FANTASTIC library, shown above. It was amazing but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside so you'll just have to go yourself!
Nearby was the world's first Dunkin Donuts, so we went in and sat at the counter and I had a Boston Creme donut. :)
Dinner was a huge salad of lettuce, red onion, cucumber, beets, celery, red pepper and mushrooms. On top went beans (pink beans, a type I had only seen once we got to Mass.), lemon hummus, and baby carrots. On the side was steamed broccoli and cauliflower, a garlic naan from Trader Joe's and some grapes.

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  1. "I don't know! This is the address given, and the Google streetview shows this doorway. PLUS we *just* saw them getting a delivery! Maybe it's upstairs?"