Friday, June 15, 2012

Talk about variety!

This morning was a great example of my Summer Fitness Variety plan in action!  Weight lifting gloves+ballet shoes.  I practiced my ballet during the 1 minute breaks in my Jamie Eason LiveFit workout.  (I know, I know, everyone's doing that thing!  It's what you do when you've done Body for life and New Rules of Lifting, you move on to Jamie's 12-week plan.  Cause you gotta be on a 12-week plan, right?)  Note my favorite Music Choice channel on in the background-Party Favorites!  And note my ghetto solution to not having large enough weight plates- kettlebells dangling like giant testicles from the padded crossbar.


  1. You go girl! I've started out slow...with walking, but plan to expand my reperotoire (and learn how to spell). ;D

  2. thanks for stopping by - loving your super positive outlook! i need it rt now..w/the whole broken foot thing!

    xoxo from Trinidad