Wednesday, June 20, 2012


One of my favorite kind of posts to read are posts about people's favorite products.  I like reading reviews and people's tips for everything from laundry detergent to frozen food to cars.  I looked around my house the other day and realized there are several things that I am brand loyal about and there are other things that I will buy whatever is cheapest, including the generic brand.  And at the bottom is a short list of things I need recommendations for so be sure and tell me what products you LOVE!

Here are the products I am loyal to:
Burt's Bees Blemish Stick-I don't use many products on my face except a face wash and this blemish stick.  When I see a bump or red spot starting up, I hit it with this and it dries it right up.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy-This is a product that I find almost wacky, but I keep buying and using it because it does seem to work.  It may just be placebo, maybe it's the alcohol in it and not the flower essences, but we give these drops to Sully for thunderstorms, long car trips and other stressful events and he does seem to calm down.  And the few times I have taken it myself, I have noticed heightened relaxation and less anxiety.  Am I crazy?

Iso-active toothpaste-I was suspicious at first, it seemed like a gimmick.  But this stuff get super foamy and really does leave my teeth feeling super clean!  Even cleaner than baking soda toothpastes or ones with grit like Crest Prohealth, which is what I used to prefer.

Scrubbing Bubble Automatic shower cleaner-This is another gimmicky item that I'm hooked on now!  As long as I remember to push the button, it really does keep my shower clean.  At least, the parts that the spray reaches.

Alessi Vinegars-Since I stopped buying salad dressing in favor of making my own, I've really been loving all the flavored vinegars!  Sometimes I don't even mix it with anything else, just splash a bit over top of my veggies and chow down.  I love the fig and raspberry flavors.

Aussie haircair-When I had longer hair, I didn't like Aussie products.  They seemed to weigh my hair down or make it look greasy and streaky.  But with short hair, I have been using the heat-protection spray and the hair spray and both are really great!

ALDI-Here's my story about ALDI.  I used to think it was gross, really cheap products, the store was always dirty and had really bad service.  Turns out, we just had a really gross ALDI!  They built a new one and it ROCKS!  I never would have gone but they sent a coupon for the grand opening and now I'm hooked.  I love ALDI for produce, raw nuts, dried fruit and vegan dark chocolate.  Their hummus, a few canned things like olives and refried beans and cocoa powder aren't bad either.  And of course their special buys can be great too, but they are only around for a short time.  LOVED the German muesli they had recently, and I'm glad they don't have their holiday Speculaas cookies year round because I kind of developed an addiction.

Skirt Sports-Yes, they are pricey, but they fit well and they're great quality so they last a long time.  Plus, every spring they have an awesome sale event to make room for their new styles.  I've loved everything I've gotten, with my Gym Girl Ultra skirt being a current favorite.  But when it's cooler, I love the Sweetest Thing skirt with capris and when it's super cold, the Tough Girl skirt with full pant is awesome!  I also have several tees and tanks from them and they are some of the best workout tops I have.

Nutro Natural Choice-Both the dog and cat eat Nutro Natural Choice.  It's got quality ingredients without costing an arm and a leg.  No, it's not organic, free range, grain-free, human-grade, raw, probiotic, superfood like some of the newer brands.  It's middle of the road, affordable and keeps everyone at a healthy weight with good coat and energy level.

My Lip Stuff Lip balm- I first ordered from this small company when they were on Etsy because I just HAD to try out their stevia-sweetened lip balms.  And I loved them!  I love to mix and match 6 and 10 packs and pick out new flavors.  My current favorites are: Chai Tea, Coconut Mallow Meringues, Shamrock Shake and Jellybeans.

Fresh Step cat litter-What can I say about cat litter?  Our catbox is kind of out in the open in our laundry room.  No one wants to walk into a room and see poop but it's better if you don't also smell it.  This is THE BEST, I never smell any cat box smells.  I use regular clumping, unscented.

Schick Intuition razor-I have used this razor since they first came out and still can't find a razor that shaves closer.  It takes a little adjustment to get used to the shaving cream bar, you sort of have to angle it just right, but once you get the hang of it it's a super close shave.  And this razor stays sharp for the longest of any razor I've used.

Need recommendations for:
 facial moisturizer and wash-I used to have one that worked well but now it's drying out my skin!

sunscreen-I'm looking for a more non-toxic sunscreen.  I'm testing out True Naturals right now but would love other suggestions.

vegan protein powder/bars-I like ones with no sugar or artificial sweeteners added.  I've found some powders but LOVE hearing reviews for them.  And I haven't really found a bar I am 100% on yet.  I guess what I'm really after is something like a larabar but with brown rice or soy or hemp protein powder added to it.  Is there such a thing?  I mean, I like larabars but would like a bit more protein so it's a more balanced snack/meal.


  1. recommendation for protein bars: thinkthin protein bars. they use stevia as the sweetener and are gluten free! they also taste AMAZING and have 20g protein each. my favorites - chocolate espresso, white chocolate, chunky peanut butter. they also have a salted caramel one and dark chocolate one that i haven't found in stores yet, but you can bet i'll be allllll over those ones.

  2. The protein bars I use (vegan, and every-allergen-under-the-sun-free) are the Vega sport protein bars. They come in a chocolate saviseed (think like peanut butter) and a chocolate coconut. They are brown rice and pea protein based. The same brand also makes a protein powder which also has hemp, alfalfa and sashi inchi (a South American nut) protein in it, for a good ratio of the essential aminos. The best price I've found online for this brand is on, but it doesn't hurt to check that against google shopping every once in a while. (Shameless self-promotion bit: I have a referral code for iherb; new customers can get 5% off their first order with TUM378 at checkout.) Hope this helps!