Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Protein Powder Review #10 Vega Sport

Vega Sport-This is a stevia sweetened vegan performance protein.And it tastes horrendous.  It tastes like bitter greens or broccoli, sweetened and liquefied.  It was horrible.  It was about the same chalkiness as Spirutein, so not terrible in that respect.  I mixed it with almond milk in a shaker bottle and it mixed cleanly.  It has a lot of good-for-you stuff in there.  But I wanted to vomit after three sips.  I also blended the vanilla into a banana-blueberry-cocoa powder smoothie and it was drinkable but it still tasted very hemp-y and overly stevia-sweetened.

Calories per scoop:120
Protein per scoop: 26g
Carbs per scoop: 6g
Vega Sport vanilla-Tastes like sweetened vanilla weeds, straight from the garden so they still have some dirt on them.  The picture above is seriously the face I made when drinking it. "Earthy" is what some people call it.  And I can taste the stevia's bitter aftertaste, which means they either used a nasty stevia product with a bad aftertaste or they used too much.  I use stevia all the time and this tastes like what happens when you accidentally dump too much stevia powder into a smoothie.

$51.99 for 22 servings=$2.36 per serving 10 cents per gram of protein

Overall Rating: Grind (3 out of 10) Pricey and NASTY!  But at least the ingredient list is good, unlike Go-Tein (my only other 3 out of 10 so far), which is not only nasty tasting but also has terrible ingredients that I wouldn't want to drink.  I wanted to drink this, I just couldn't.

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