Monday, May 28, 2012

My Weight Loss Story: Birth-2000

Last picture of me on a bike until 201
This series of posts has been in the works for a long time.   When I set out to write my weight loss story, it started out like I'm sure a lot of these stories do.  I typed up the opening words  "I was heavy as a kid. I hated sports and loved sweets."  I had always thought of myself as fat and I presumed that I had always been fat.  Imagine my surprise when I picked out pictures to scan in and add to my story and found that I WASN'T ALWAYS FAT!  I could not believe it, I was seriously flabbergasted.  My whole life, I had looked through these same photo albums and I had seen pictures of a fat person, the person I felt like and thought I was and had always been.  It became clear looking at these photos that until I was around 8 years old, I was a completely normal weight.  But somehow, when I looked at these pictures, I had seen myself as fat. 

I'm in the hot pink pants.
4th grade school picture at my new school
Why???  I started to wrack my brain for events that happened in 1988.  It was before we moved and I had to change schools.  It was, from my recollection, a completely unremarkable year.  Until I brought it up to my mom.  And she matter-of-factly said that I was completely normal until I had my tonsils out and after that I gained weight and stayed overweight.  My mom and sister are overweight so as I grew and maintained a normal weight, she said they were so relieved.  Until the surgery.  (What's up with tonsillectomy and weight gain?  Doctors aren't sure but there IS a correlation, which doesn't mean that it causes it but something about having your tonsils out can predispose you to having a higher BMI afterward.)  Then when we moved and I changed schools, I was already overweight, made less friends and I'm sure that just made the problem worse. 

In high school, I went vegetarian (and then vegan for a little while) but not for health reasons.  I lost a bit of weight, but not really by trying and not in a very healthy way and I certainly wasn't getting any exercise.  I was a pizza and cake vegetarian, I wasn't eating meat but I was still eating a lot of junk. In college, I continued to eat junk (of course!) but I did something kind of strange for a college freshman-I got married! We ate poorly together, both out of habit and out of monetary necessity and I gained a bit more weight.  In 2000, I weighed around 240 pounds.

Part 1 Wrap-Up:  Finding out that I was not always fat has been a revelation to me.  I JUST found this out though, already well into my weight loss journey, but I think it has helped me with the mental aspects of weight loss.  To know that I was not predestined to be fat from birth was a revelation.   I was not fated or doomed to be overweight from the very beginning.  It's not the inevitable weight my body is set to be.  Instead of seeing fat as the way my body IS, a static condition that has always existed, I now see my weight as a change in my body (that has continued to happen over the years, both positive and negative).  And I can influence that change myself through my choices instead of letting my inaction determine what it will be. 

Next up,  Part 2-When I start doing something about it.


  1. Hi, glad to be here.
    knowing that you was not overweight from the beginning is a great motivation to live a healthy life. this post motivate me to find weight loss motivation for myself. looking forward your next post.


  2. I look forward to reading Part 2. I am becoming more healthy-eating/exercising conscious. I enjoy reading others' success stories in the area of healthy eating or exercise.