Thursday, May 31, 2012

May's Theme-Get Outdoors!

May's theme was outdoor/gardening.  And I got outside a LOT thanks to the warm weather!  I got the vegetable garden off to a great start and have been eating its lettuce, spinach, radishes, snow peas, kale and herbs nearly every day.  I got tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, edamame, carrots, turnips and flowers planted.  (I planted two huge patches of Zinnias, my favorite cut flower!)  The fenceline had been weeded, which was a HUGE pet peeve of mine, the paths and beds have been mulched and I finally stretched a hose along the outside of our yard so I have a water source AT the far end of the yard where the veg garden is.  So I've been watering regularly!

In the courtyard, I completed this dry-stack pillar to put my fountain on.  I got this great fountain at a church rummage sale! I've been enjoying this fountain, it's such a relaxing sound to here when you walk into this little garden area.  Behind the fountain you can see a lavender plant, which is blooming now, and I potted up some of the little baby plantlets it was putting out.  I'd love to have more patches of lavender  around the yard!
We hiked at Starved Rock, and I've been walking the dog more in order to get him in better show shape.  We've grilled out and I've been biking to work frequently since my new bike is such a joy to ride.  To get some of my coworkers outside I started an Adult Recess afternoon trip to the park!  We played giant frisbee and made up a game to see how many throws it would take us to get it all the way across the park.  20 throws!

The weather makes me want to get outside and wear spring dresses!  Here's one I wore to my niece's wedding. (spot the corgi)
I went to Old Navy hoping for a few spring dresses and all they had were hideous maxi-dresses and really terrible beachy halter-top sundresses.  Anyone know where a girl can get some cute dresses for cheap?

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