Thursday, May 17, 2012

K9 Kamp

K9 Kamp combines two of my favorite things, fitness and my dog!  I heard about this series of challenges via Pooch to 5K and thought it sounded like a fun way to start the spring show season!  Sully doesn't need to lose any weight, he is perfectly fit and trim right now, but he could use some endurance training in order to be able to withstand show weekends.  It's quite a stretch to go from 10-15 minute training sessions every 4-5 days (with only 3-5 jumps each session) to our ramped-up pre-show schedule of practicing the entire set of exercises for whatever class we're entering every 2-3 days.  Add to that weekends of stressful travel, lots of waiting around and the stress of the ring (passed down the leash from me) and he gets winded, pants and yawns and LAGS. 

My doggy events schedule this spring/summer looks like this:
June 2-practice match-Open
June 3-practice match-Open
June 9&10-AKC trial-Open
June 22-4-H show (not a Sully event)
June 22-30-Vacation (Sully being boarded)
July 14-practice match-Open and rally level 2&3
July 28&29-APDT Rally level 2&3

So we'll be completing all 4 challenges given by Kelly and Koly in addition to extending our long walks and adding more jumps into each training session to build stamina.  And of course, I can always use more exercise, especially any activity that gets me out into the great weather we're having!


  1. Wowsers! What an event schedule - looks like you're busy as WOOF! We're so excited about Kamp and can't wait to get started! Glad to have you kamping with us and we can't wait to read more as the challenges get under way!

  2. Wow Sully is a fitness superstar! Kelly and I are so excited that you are joining us and we can't wait to see how you do with the challenges. I have a feeling Sully is going to make me look very very bad! See you tomorrow!
    Peggy & Kelly

  3. Welcome to Kamp! Sounds like you guys are going to be amazing at it!