Friday, May 11, 2012

Am I an Artist?-April's Theme

April's Theme was Creativity.  I wanted to try and make something or work on a project every day in April.  And for the most part, I did.  I kept busy working on several projects including this year's crochet doily for the fair.  Someone from church suggested I donate a piece or two to Artist Against Aids (in it's 20th year here in Champaign) and I balked at first. I had always thought that show was for "real" artists and I've never thought of myself as an artist.  Crafter, yes.  But real artist with art that people would pay money for?  Not so much.  But she insisted that there were all kinds of things at the show each year, not just framed hanging art or gorgeous pottery but also smaller things and utilitarian items.  So I looked around my craft room for a few things I could take and came up with 4 doilies, 2 pair of earrings, 2 miniature cakes and a candle holder.  I was so excited when I picked up my stuff after the show and found that I had ended up selling a doily and the candle holder!

As one of my goals for April, I wanted to create and enter at least one piece in the Town and Country Amateur Art Show for the very first time.  Though this show is specifically for amateurs, I still have never thought of myself as enough of an artist to create and submit a piece.  I take things to the fair every year, but the fair is different because fair judges assess technique and skill, cleanliness and how well you adhere to standards like stitch size and uniformity or how well you've chosen colors or materials.  At the fair, you can bring things from patterns or kits and you are judged on how well you MADE those items.  At an art show, it has to be your original work and you are judged on.....I don't really know!  Artistic merit?  Decorative value?  We'll find out, because I created not one but three original pieces and submitted them.  The show will run May 5-19 with a public critique by the judging panel on the 19th.

The first piece is actually a table runner but I hung it like a banner.  It's an improv-style quilt of solids.  The fabrics are mostly cottons but I also snuck in a few velvets and satins for variety.

This is a felt and beadwork piece of textile art with some embroidery and couching. 

And this one is felt and couched yarn with a cotton border.  I was really in a penny-rug mood in case you couldn't tell!

This is me, looking fairly artistic.  I'm wearing an awesome fez I got at an estate sale.

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  1. I've found it's a bit intimidating to say "this is my art" for the first time. What if someone disagrees?! (That would be so mean!) It's hard.