Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Protein Powder Review #8 Sun Warrior

Sun Warrior-For my April Vegan Experiment, I needed vegan protein powders!  Sun Warrior is sweetened with Stevia so it's is a pretty low carb, high protein raw vegan powder. Do not let those vegans fool you though, this stuff mixes up CHALKY!  I would NOT drink this (straight-up OR in a smoothie), I would hide it in something to mask that chalkiness. Something like a protein muffin or in oatmeal. Calories per scoop:70
Protein per scoop: 15g
Carbs per scoop: 4g

Vanilla-Ok vanilla taste, not too sweet. But mixed with water or even almond milk it has a pretty terrible texture.  Not drinkable on it's own.
Chocolate-I had this in a smoothie and still thought the chalkiness came through too much despite fruit, almond milk and guar gum additions.  The flavor is very light chocolate.

$48.95 for 47 servings=$1.03 per serving or 7 cents per gram of protein (I've seen this on sale for around $40)

Overall Rating: Puree (5 out of 10)  I would probably would have rated this a little higher if I hadn't read so much hype about it on vegan blogs.  Everyone seems to love it but I just can't hack it.  The flavors just not that great and it's super chalky as well as kind of pricey compared to the fairly similar Nutribiotic Rice Protein.

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