Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Goal Review Days 21-31

And the last 10 days were FULL of activity! Throughout March, I didn't have a "new" thing planned out for each day, some days it was about noticing and recalling new experiences that happened that day. I liked that March's goal gave me a reason to contemplate each day and examine any interesting events that made that day special.

21-I fell for the very first time during a run! Not a very good "new thing" I know. I tripped on the sidewalk and got roadrash on my hands, and bruises on my chin and leg. Luckily another runner was nearby and asked if I was ok. I was!

22-Ordered new spring gym gear! I took advantage of SkirtSports HUGE spring sale and got these super cute pieces. My spring theme must be pink and gray. I know this is a silly girl thing but the shirt is a size Medium! I don't think I've ever worn a medium in my whole adult life!So far I've made two outfits with these pieces so far:Post-turbokick picture, please excuse the sweat and stringy hair. The skirt is one I got at Meijer and while I like that it was cheap and the shorties underneath don't ride up, it doesn't have any pockets! I forgot I was wearing earrings, wiped some sweat and one came out and I was left scrambling to put it back in since I had no place to put it. That is just one of many ways SkirtSports skirts are better than budget skirts, they have pockets!I should really try and remember to take pictures BEFORE heading to the gym! This is a technical shirt I got at Target with the skirt I just got.


24-We had family trivia night. We normally play trivia in the car so this was sort of a cheat, but I made a big scoresheet and Mike wiped the floor with me (as usual). We also put together these new benches for the front porch. Now I need to find a table to go with them and a large plant or something to hide that hose caddy.

25-Attended a new-to-me church, University Place. AND we had the Sunday brunch at Silvercreek. Oh MY GOSH!! It was really super! I pigged out on some tasty breakfast goodies like waffles, eggs, and such, along with several green veggies, and decadent desserts! There was also a lot of meat, but I was surprised at just how many green veggies and fresh salads and fruits there were!

26-My Dr. retired so for this year's annual exam I had to choose a new Dr. I loved my old doctor so I dreaded choosing and seeing a new one. But she was great, I was really pleasantly surprised!

27-I walked to work and back home for the first time. I've run to work on the weekend before, and I've ridden my bike to work before but I've never walked. It took nearly 40 minutes to get there, which is too long to do regularly, but I think I might try to walk every once in a while. It was interesting that even though I run and don't have any leg problems, my shins were sore for a couple of days after walking! Walking is definitely different than running, and if I ever want to hike the Swiss Alps or the Appalachian Trail, I will need to practice walking, not just rely on physical stamina from running!

28-I took advantage of Aldi's double guarantee for the first time. Ever since our Aldi moved from their sketchy old building to a brand new one, I have been a loyal shopper. Can't beat the produce bargains or the awesome weekly specials! But I bought some garlic that molded and basically disintegrated within a couple of weeks so I took it back, got a new bunch of garlic AND got my money back! Fantastic!

29-One goal for March was to cross at least one item off my bucket list (either general of fitness). Since my chin-ups are still stalled at about the same level of non-completion, I crossed off a general list item: write a letter to myself to open in 10 years. This was a challenge because you want to be very deep and meaningful but you also don't want to embarrass yourself in 10 years when you open it and see just how goofy your "deep" thoughts really were. :) I also watched the free premiere of Hungry for Change, which was good though I wasn't down with everything that was said. Juicing? I like my fruits and veggies with the fiber, thanks. But I get what they're saying, the standard American diet just doesn't include that many vegetables and if juicing gets those servings of nutrients into people who wouldn't sit down and eat mainly veggies then I guess it's better than NOT getting them.

30-Talk about nutrients! I made fruit salsa and cinnamon pita chips to take to a work potluck. This was my inspiration, but of course I left out the sugar (it's fruit, it doesn't need sugar!) and just sprinkled my whole wheat pita pieces with cinnamon before baking them.And to make it I used this thing, which may look like a child's toy but it is the BEST apple peeler I have ever used. You turn the crank and it smoothly peels the apple in one long piece, doesn't get stuck or take any effort at all! It comes with extra blades but I haven't had to change it yet and I got it for Christmas several years ago.

31-I attended my niece's wedding. I've been to weddings before but this was my very first wedding of a relative! Probably the first of many as nieces and nephews grow up and get to that age!

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