Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Goal Review Days 11-20

The next ten days I didn't skip a single day!

11-Met new people at the church potluck. I have been trying to meet (and remember!) people at church so this was a great opportunity to do just that.

12-Made granola using a new recipe (the secret to HUGE clusters is egg whites) and put together a St. Patrick's Day surprise for coworkers.

13-My birthday! I went to the bakery which makes my all-time favorite cake (Swedish princess cake) and THEY STOPPED MAKING IT! Shows you how often I eat it. So I was forced to try something else. I had their raspberry jelly roll since I figured it's the same cake and raspberry filling, just minus the custard, whipped cream and marzipan. It was NOT a good substitute, it had some really terrible frosting on the outside.

14-Attended food pantry training at the only food pantry in town with evening hours. This is really important because there are a LOT of food-insecure people out there who do work jobs, they just don't make enough to cover all their expenses. So now that I'm trained, I'll be volunteering at the Thursday night food pantry once a month.

15-I sold some broken gold and silver jewelry at a pawn shop! I kept seeing the cash for gold commercials and I was determined to try it! I was a little nervous how it would go but they were super professional, looked everything over and I left with money I didn't have before I went in! (and I put it to good use, as you'll see on the 17th)

16-Bought almond butter. I know, the internet is in love with almond butter but I had never tried it so I bought some! It's ok. I'm not about to give up peanut butter for it, though!

17-Took a birthday roadtrip to Beachy's Bulk Foods. Beachy's is an Amish-run store that reminds me quite a bit of U-Bake. They have TONS of ingredients in bulk, as well as general grocery items, candy and frozen items. And we also stopped at another Amish-run store called Family Health Foods, which has a lot of the same things like nuts and flours and such, but also has a TON of health items and vitamins. So at both of these places I stocked up on my favorite goodies like dried cranberries, almond meal, pecan meal, flax seeds, wheat bran, mejool dates and raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I also got some things I'd never bought before: chia seeds, whole oats, cranberry beans, a new-to-me brand of peanut butter, dairy free mini dark chocolate chips and some new flavors of Spirutein protein powder.

18-Attended Prairie Zen Center's intro to Zen meditation. It was really interesting and not exactly what I thought it would be, it was much more about focusing on your senses and staying aware. I thought it would be more about clearing your mind and not focusing on the outside world, but it made sense to open up your mind to what you were hearing/feeling/smelling/etc. in order to become grounded and more in tune with the world instead of being focused on yourself as we are most of the day.

19-Made up some ratatouille. And when I say made up, I mean I made it up as I went along because only ONE of my gobs of cookbooks had a recipe and it was a stovetop one and I wanted to bake mine. So I plopped yellow squash, onion, greens, carrots and white beans into a tomato sauce base, then topped it with a little bit of breadcrumbs and nutritional yeast and baked it. Delicious!

20-Voted in the primaries. I've voted before sure, but I can't remember ever voting in a primary. Is that horrible? Should I be embarrassed to admit that?

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