Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goal Review Days 1-10

March's goal was to try something new EVERY SINGLE day! An ambitious goal to be sure, but I set the bar pretty low, willing to consider a new recipe, outfit or route to work my new thing if I had to in order to make it 31 days. Did I make it? I tried to make it a priority but I did end up forgetting on a couple of days. On a couple of days I had multiple new experiences so I think I'm considering it a win!

Here's the rundown of days 1-10:

1-New workout at Fit Club

2-Met with a new person who is interested in volunteering with 4-H AND ran a new route on my morning run

3-Tried this herbal water which was pretty tasty and met and chatted with some new-to-me people at the gym. You know the people at the gym who you see and say hi to at class but never really have time to chat with? Well, we had a Zumba party and afterward with tea and snacks which was the perfect opportunity to learn those people's names! And where they work and what they like to do when they're not at the gym!

4-Made polenta using the "cereal" method (as the Bob's Red Mill package calls it, which is super easy and super quick (which is why I did it, I didn't have much time to make dinner but wanted a little dab of polenta under my veggies) and made gym towels for our basement home gym. This basically entailed sewing little ribbon tabs to small towels so they can hang on the pegboard.

5-Tried Bon Appetit's recipe for marinated tofu. It was good but nothing to write home about. Did I tell you I won a subscription to Bon Appetit from one of my favorite blogs, The Lunch Tray, last thanksgiving? I did! It's not a magazine I would pay for because it is VERY meat-heavy and also a little bit of a hipster mag but a few recipes from each issue pop out at me.


7-forgot! and it wasn't even a weekend

8-Skyped for the first time. I popped in to my husband's weekly Skype session with his parents!

9-Tried out a new restaurant that just opened-J. Gumbo's. It's a chain that has mainly cajun food. It was ok, probably won't go back. Lots of rice, with your choice of gumbo/etoufee/chili etc on top.

10-Met some new people at Mike's work holiday party

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