Saturday, April 7, 2012

How Much?

Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating 1 pound of raw vegetables and 1 pound of cooked vegetables every day. But just what does 1 pound of raw vegetables look like? How about 1 pound of cooked vegetables? Let's take a look!

RawThis bowl is filled with a large handful of spinach, a small broccoli crown, a quarter of a green bell pepper, a quarter of a small cucumber, 8 baby carrots, 6 celery sticks and a handful of snow peas. This is equal to 1 pound.

CookedThis bowl is filled with cooked baby bok choy, broccoli, yellow summer squash, and broccoli rabe and also weighs 1 pound!

Another example of cooked vegetables, this is a stir fry blend of baby bok choy, broccoli rabe, snow peas, mushrooms, onions, celery, yellow and orange peppers and yellow summer squash. 3.5 cups (with no sauce, just the veggies) equaled 1 pound.

I find it easy to eat this much, I was eating this much before my April experiment, just with eggs and dairy added. But let me tell you a little story about a harmless side effect. My doctor retired and at my routine physical this year I had a new doctor. She asked me if I applied any products to my skin, like self tanners. I said no and she pressed the issue, "Are you sure you don't self tan or using a bronzing lotion?" Long story short, after a consult with another doctor and some clarification about my diet, I have carotenosis. Completely harmless, common in vegetarians and people who eat healthfully, basically I am turning orange from excess carotene. My doctor noticed it mainly on my torso and I have noticed it on my fingers. Do I look orange? (This is me with my Penguin in the Park medal from March's 5K. WHAT a great race, the weather was gorgeous, the crowd was super friendly and I really enjoyed it! My time was 31:44, not bad for only running once a week.)

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