Monday, April 2, 2012

Edible Books 2012

Today was the University Library's Edible Books Festival! I participated last year and was excited to join in again this year. But I was stuck for a book to create an edible version of until Friday when it hit me! Watermelon looks kind of like Corduroy the bear's overalls! So I got to work!His body is a watermelon with the shoulder area carved out and covered in kiwi skin. I made the corduroy texture with a zester.His head is a purple cabbage, covered in kiwi skin. I used a combination of corn syrup to glue it on and toothpicks to hold it in place. His ears, snout and paw pads are apple, his buttons are yellow squash, his facial features are cut from avocado skin, his feet are kiwis and his arms are potato. That was my husband's brilliant addition because I was just going to use kiwis for arms but they looked SO stubby. This morning he had the brilliant idea of a potato and I just happened to have the perfect potato in the pantry!Here we are at the event. Corduroy won the award for Best Visual Presentation AND the People's Choice award! I couldn't believe it!I couldn't bring myself to chop him open so I served up his legs. You'll be able to see pictures of all the other entries on the website soon.


  1. This is so cool !! You did a great job.

  2. You are so awesome!! I love your creativity!

  3. You are so awesome!! I love your creativity!