Friday, February 10, 2012

Sully's 2012 plan

I mentioned that Sully also has monthly goals for 2012. Ok, I have goals for him. We just started taking a Utility Fundamentals class so this year we are focusing on getting his CDX, starting Utility skills and tracking when the weather cooperates.

January-Start scent articles
February-continue scent articles and work on go-outs
March-Start conditioning for jumps and simple track 1/week
April-Review Open exercises, continue work on go-outs, directed jumping and scent articles, track 1/week
May-Enter Open at Bloomington trial, track 1/week
June-Enter Open at DTCCU trial, review Utility exercises
July-Work on Utility
August-Work on Utility (should be pretty close to trialing by now)
September-track 1/week
October-Track 1/week, enter open at Lakeshore trial if needed
November-Enter open at DTCCU trial if needed, work scent articles, track if weather is nice
December-We take December off. :)

I really hope to finish his CDX this year but it's not of utmost importance. You can see I've only got 4 trials lined up so I'm obviously not in a huge hurry. :) They are all trials that he is familiar with and ones that I'm fairly certain he can do well at, trying to minimize expense and maximize the chances of Q'ing.

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