Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some recent eats

I really need a better camera in order to show off how colorful and delish my food has looked lately!This is Cheeseburger egg-crust pizza, which turned out so tasty. It's got some TVP mixed into the egg crust and then topped with sauce, cheese and pickles. Yum!
This is a very green brown-rice noodle stir-fry with grilled baby bok choy. Brown rice noodles are a great time-saver for quick meals since you don't have to cook them, just soak them for 5 minutes before using!

I've been making a lot of protein smoothies, nearly one every day, and you'll see some of them in upcoming protein powder reviews. My favorite so far was pineapple and kiwi, so good! And of course chocolate is always a favorite, whether it's with coconut, banana, peanut butter or mint extract!

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