Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Rare are the foods I won't eat. (Well, besides meat but I don't count that because I don't even consider it an option but I suppose I do need to mention it.) I LOVE food, sweet, savory, crunchy, mushy, sour, salty, tangy, stringy, smooth, dry, juicy, crisp, whatever! And sure, there are a lot of foods I don't eat often or at all, but I don't dislike then and WOULD eat them if they weren't battered, breaded, fried, loaded with sugar/salt/chemicals and such. We all know this list can change, just like half the list from back in 2010. But there are a couple of foods I just DO NOT like right now, and here they are:

Parsley-I can deal with a tiny bit, chopped up in pasta or eggs, but truly I don't really care for the flavor of parsley.

Ginger-I like a touch of ginger in a stir-fry, and a little bit in gingerbread but I don't eat candied ginger or ginger chews and I think sometimes recipes call for too much and make it taste bad.

Persimmons-EWWWW. They taste so...bland and they are a BAD mushy like goose poop, not a good Mushy like a ripe peach.

Pomegranates-I've never been wowed by the flavor and not really into the seeds.

Red Delicious Apples-NOT delicious at all! I like a sweet apple, I like a tart apple I like most any apple, red, green, yellow. But Red Delicious taste like cardboard and bitter skin! Yuck!

Sea vegetable snack-Sorry, I know it's good for me but I can't eat just straight up nori! On sushi rolls, it's ok, or crushed up and sprinkled on a salad it's background flavor, but I can't choke down those chips, it's just TOO MUCH SEA TASTE!

Sunflower seeds IN THE SHELL-I'll eat shelled sunflower seeds until the cows come home but EW to the shells! Shelling them is not worth the effort and I HATE the splintery, chewy shells in my mouth. Some people just chew them and swallow! I bought some at the gas station the other day as a pre-yoga snack and after munching down on the shells, I felt like a dog must feel after it chows down on bark mulch, I swear I could feel the roughage in my stomach, poking me!

Coffee-(If this counts as a food) I can't stand coffee. Even with milk and sugar and flavors and whipped cream and sprinkles, I hate it. I've tried several times, (because as an adult there are times when it's just a social given that you drink coffee right?) and never been able to choke it down. Tea for me!

Are there any foods you can't stand?


  1. I have never developed a taste for coffee. I like most everything but I am working on liking Tofu more.

  2. Brussels sprouts. Hate them, hate the taste, the smell, the colour, does not matter how long or short they are cooked. The second one on its way down always meats the first one coming back again. I do eat them occasionally raw with mayonaise, sliced very thinly, to not upset a hostess serving Br.Sprouts. My DH loves them, nearly 40 years married and he has them every festive day and every sunday, 40 years long. I HATE eating sprouts, I do not hate serving them to DH.

  3. I can't stand apple juice. Too many experiences with warm pee-tasting apple juice. I also do not eat PLAIN potato chips. It's like licking starchy oil. Gross.