Monday, February 20, 2012

Protein Powder Review #5 About Time

{This year, I've started a series of Protein Powder and Protein Bar reviews. These are in no order, just whatever I pick to write about. Protein powder/bar choice is SUCH a matter of personal taste. But I LOVE reading other people's reviews of them, and they give me great ideas for new flavors and brands to try. So I wanted to put my thoughts out there!}

Nutritionals are for the first flavor listed, they might differ slightly for the various flavors of each brand but are generally about the same across the product line.

About Time Whey-This is my all-time favorite whey in the world!! Such a clean whey isolate powder, low carb, no weird sweeteners! (All flavors sweetened with stevia only.) All of the About Time flavors I've tried have smoothly dissolved, were not gritty or chalky AT ALL, and were drinkable in just plain water, no milk needed!

Calories per scoop:101
Protein per scoop: 24g
Carbs per scoop: 0g

Chocolate-My hands down fave, their chocolate is sweet but not too sweet. It's a light chocolate taste, so sometimes I add a bit of cocoa powder if I'm baking with it or making no-bake protein cookies. This one is great for making protein cakes and muffins, fudgesicles, shakes, pudding, really anything! And mixed with just hot water and a tsp of cocoa powder, it makes awesome hot cocoa!
Vanilla-I like the vanilla, but it's not a favorite. I definitely don't like it baked in things or in protein pancakes, it's way rubbery and kind of off-tasting. It's good in butterscotch or banana pudding, and it's definitely drinkable in a shake or mixed with fruity-flavored nonfat yogurt.
Birthday Cake-I thought this one was way too sweet. I tried it mixed in oatmeal and it was cloyingly sweet.
Mocha Mint-This one has a tricky name, it is NOT coffee flavored at all. It's chocolate and mint. And it's great!! Like the chocolate, it's great in baking and it's awesome mixed with plain yogurt or whipped cottage cheese!
Cinnamon Swirl-Tasted like the vanilla with a little cinnamon mixed in. I didn't get any sort of buttery roll or baked good vibe from it, I wouldn't buy this one again.
Peaches and Cream-As much as I love About Time, this flavor was terrible. It reminded me of that pink liquid penicillin, fake fruity bubble gum flavor. Ew. But just like all the others, it mixed smoothly with just water, not gritty or chalky.

$39.95 for 32 servings=$1.25 per serving or about 5 cents per gram of protein(I've seen this on sale for around $25, it is only $39.99 if you buy direct from About Time's website.)

Overall Rating: Frappe (9 out of 10) With a squeaky clean ingredient list and great flavors, I have bought product repeatedly. But I am not giving it 10 out of 10 because there were some flavors that were sort of "eh" to me, but I know everyone has different tastes so it's great that they offer so many different flavors.

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