Saturday, February 11, 2012

Protein Powder Review #4-Clik

{This year, I've started a series of Protein Powder and Protein Bar reviews. These are in no order, just whatever I pick to write about. Protein powder/bar choice is SUCH a matter of personal taste. But I LOVE reading other people's reviews of them, and they give me great ideas for new flavors and brands to try. So I wanted to put my thoughts out there!}

Nutritionals are for the first flavor listed, they might differ slightly for the various flavors of each brand but are generally about the same across the product line.

Clik Espresso Protein Drinks-I won some of these and I'll be honest and say I DON'T like coffee so I pretty much knew I didn't like these.
Calories in 2-scoop serving: 120
Prtoein per 2-scoop serving: 15g
Carbs per 2-scoop serving: 12g

I tried the Vanilla Latte thinking it would be less coffee flavored than Mocha but no-go, too much coffee for me. I gave these to a coffee-drinking friend and she liked the flavor. Mixability-wise, it was very creamy even mixed with cold water, probably because they contain nonfat milk powder, so that's a plus for them. They are sweetened with fructose and have a bunch of supplements added that I'd rather not get in a protein shake. All in all, not a brand I'd buy.

$26.95 for 14 servings=$1.93 per serving or around 13 cents per gram of protein

Overall Rating: Puree (5 out of 10) I'm giving this some points for its smooth mix and the fact that my friend liked the tastes but I'm not a fan of the ingredient label or the price.

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