Monday, February 27, 2012

Protein Ber Review #1

{This year, I've started a series of Protein Powder and Protein Bar reviews. These are in no order, just whatever I pick to write about. Protein powder/bar choice is SUCH a matter of personal taste. But I LOVE reading other people's reviews of them, and they give me great ideas for new flavors and brands to try. So I wanted to put my thoughts out there!}

Nutritionals are for the first flavor listed, they might differ slightly for the various flavors of each brand but are generally about the same across the product line.

Pure Protein-These bars come in 2 sizes, 78 gram and 50 gram. I can't say I eat these mainstream protein bars very often, but they can come in handy for a quick meal when you're traveling. These are mainly artificially sweetened with maltitol, sucralose, and such but some do have sugar or corn syrup. I try to buy the smaller bars when I can but I will sometimes eat a whole 78 g bar if it's for one of my larger meals or cut the big bar in half for a smaller meal.

Stats for 78 gram bar:
290-310 calories
26-32 g carb
28-32 g protein.

Stats for a 50 gram bar:
180-200 calories
17-19 g carbs
19-20 g protein

Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse- My favorite, hands down! It is super sweet with a good salty peanut flavor. But it also has the nastiest ingredients.
Chocolate Peanut Butter -Pretty darn tasty!
Chewy Chocolate Chip -So-so, this one is not the best cookie dough-type bar I've ever had. It seemed kind of dry/crumbly.
Chocolate Deluxe -Good, but probably one of the more chalky bars. Good cocoa flavor, it has real cocoa AND milk chocolate in it!

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  1. Hmmm, I've not tried that brand. Thanks for the review. I usually keep a Power Bar or a Luna Bar in my purse for those days when I'm running errands. Oh yes, and by the way, hello!