Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Goal Wrap-Up

January's theme was Budget Review, which meant going over expenses, making a new 2012 budget and making plans for this year regarding bills. Mike and I started out by spending a Saturday going through last year's paperwork, making a preliminary budget and discussing topics such as core life values, bucket lists, wills, helping each other achieve personal goals, paying off credit card debt, creating an emergency fund, our travel dreams, and home improvement plans for the coming year. I structured it in workshops and breakout sessions like a business conference and we even played a few games, broke for lunch and had a book club meeting! We will definitely repeat it again next year!

It was a great format, I think we were both able to bring up things we wanted to discuss and feel like we were heard. Mike brought up refinancing and instead of shooting it down, I listened and we went ahead with it! I brought up trading in his truck for a more fuel-efficient vehicle but he made some good point and we'll be keeping it a while longer.

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