Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution Run 2012

The new year found me in my basement, treadmilling for the Resolution Run put on by Run to the Finish. I did some intervals of 30 second sprints and 60 minute jogs since that's what my 12 Days of Christmas Workout called for. :) I did a little over 3 miles total and watched some Star Trek Next Generation while I was at it. We've been in a real Star Trek mood lately! We even went to Star Trek: The Exhbition at the St. Louis Science Center over Christmas vacation.

Anyway, you can't read my resolution but it's to complete my monthly theme each month this year. I have too many ideas for yearly goals so this year I broke it down into monthly themes and I'll be doing activities related to each month's theme as it comes along this year.
My themes are:
January-Budget Review
March-New Experiences
June-Spring Cleaning
July-Mike's birthday
August-New Rules of Lifting for Women
September-New Rules of Lifting for Women
October-Fall Fun
November-Holiday Planning and crafting

I will have a follow up post with some of the activities I have planned. And I also have monthly themes for Sully and our training and showing goals that I'll share. :)

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