Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Monthly Themes

A I mentioned in my previous post, I like to have monthly themes so I don't get bored working on the same goal all year long! That doesn't mean I only care about gardening or trying new things one month out of the year but it means I get fired up to do the major projects pertaining to that theme and get the planning for the rest of year in that category done so that I stick with it. These are some of the activities from each month:

January-Budget Review
* Making a new 2012 budget using 31 Days to Fix your Finances
* Refinancing house to lower interest rate mortgage
* Making plan to pay off debt and build emergency fund

* Call/email a friend at least once a week
* Make our 12th wedding anniversary special

March-New Experiences
* Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
* Try a new recipe, fruit/vegetable, movie, hairstyle, outfit, breakfast food, craft, restaurant, park, running route
* Do at least 1 bucket list item

* Create 1 thing every day
* Finish 3 works in progress
* Put quotes on basement gym walls
* Do "A Week in the Life" scrapbook

* Stain concrete bath to match bricks
* picnic outdoors
* Bike to work at least 2 times/week
* Put up fountain in courtyard

June-Spring Cleaning
* Clean out fridge and pantry
* Line dry laundry
* Assemble 72-hour bags for Mike and I
* Get rid of at least 4 items from each room

July-Mike's birthday
* Visit Wisconsin family?
* Practice attentive listening
* Daytrip
* Mike gets to choose an activity to do each week

August-New Rules of Lifting for Women
* Start NROLFW

September-New Rules of Lifting for Women
* Continue NROLFW

October-Fall Fun
* Pick apples
* Cook a pumpkin
* Dress up for Halloween
* Do a fun fall activity for each letter of the alphabet

November-Holiday Planning and crafting
* Choose any crafted gifts/decorations and schedule crafting time
* Plan non-food themed party

* focus on yoga, meditation and enjoy!
* Start 2013 planning

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  1. Great idea to have monthly themes! They all look great :)