Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Protein Powder Review #1-Designer Whey

This year, I want to start a series of Protein Powder and Protein Bar reviews. This is the first one and I'll say right now that they are in no order, just whatever I pick to write about. Protein powder is SUCH a matter of personal taste. But I LOVE reading other people's reviews of them, and they give me great ideas for new flavors and brands to try. So I wanted to put my thoughts out there! (Nutritionals are for the first flavor listed, they might differ slightly for the various flavors of each brand but are generally about the same across the product line.)

Designer Whey All Natural Whey Protein-One of a handful of Stevia-sweetened powders, Designer Whey's all natural line is pretty good. I am always looking for products without chemical sugar substitutes and this fits in that category, though the ingredient list is a little long for my tastes. It's fairly low-carb and packs a good amount of protein into 100 calories. This one looks a little more granular than most powders in the canister so you might be worried it will be gritty but rest assured, it dissolves smoothly with water or milk.

Calories per scoop:100
Protein per scoop: 18g
Carbs per scoop: 3g

Vanilla Almond-I love almond anything so I was drawn to this brand specifically for this flavor. And it doesn't let me down. It tastes quite a bit like almond/cherry with a hint of vanilla, but it's VERY sweet so I usually dilute it quite a bit or use it in recipes like no-bake cookies. (It's great as a protein shake mixed with plain yogurt and a bit of water to thin it out, a tangy almond shake!

$20.89 for 13 servings=$1.61 per serving or around 9 cents per gram of protein (This is the price from the manufacturer but this can be purchased for about 1/2 that price from places like Vitamin World.)

Overall Rating: Blend (8 out of 10) for it's great taste and the fact that it's so clean, and fairly well priced. I'd buy this again! Wish they had more flavors in the natural line.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Monthly Themes

A I mentioned in my previous post, I like to have monthly themes so I don't get bored working on the same goal all year long! That doesn't mean I only care about gardening or trying new things one month out of the year but it means I get fired up to do the major projects pertaining to that theme and get the planning for the rest of year in that category done so that I stick with it. These are some of the activities from each month:

January-Budget Review
* Making a new 2012 budget using 31 Days to Fix your Finances
* Refinancing house to lower interest rate mortgage
* Making plan to pay off debt and build emergency fund

* Call/email a friend at least once a week
* Make our 12th wedding anniversary special

March-New Experiences
* Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
* Try a new recipe, fruit/vegetable, movie, hairstyle, outfit, breakfast food, craft, restaurant, park, running route
* Do at least 1 bucket list item

* Create 1 thing every day
* Finish 3 works in progress
* Put quotes on basement gym walls
* Do "A Week in the Life" scrapbook

* Stain concrete bath to match bricks
* picnic outdoors
* Bike to work at least 2 times/week
* Put up fountain in courtyard

June-Spring Cleaning
* Clean out fridge and pantry
* Line dry laundry
* Assemble 72-hour bags for Mike and I
* Get rid of at least 4 items from each room

July-Mike's birthday
* Visit Wisconsin family?
* Practice attentive listening
* Daytrip
* Mike gets to choose an activity to do each week

August-New Rules of Lifting for Women
* Start NROLFW

September-New Rules of Lifting for Women
* Continue NROLFW

October-Fall Fun
* Pick apples
* Cook a pumpkin
* Dress up for Halloween
* Do a fun fall activity for each letter of the alphabet

November-Holiday Planning and crafting
* Choose any crafted gifts/decorations and schedule crafting time
* Plan non-food themed party

* focus on yoga, meditation and enjoy!
* Start 2013 planning

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Corgi Christmas

Sully enjoyed his holiday, mostly because I gave him the entire month of December off from training and showing! So we were all lazy sloths. But it's January now and we start our Utility class on Wednesday nights soon so he'd better wake up and remember all those exercises from a month ago!

Our secret santa from the Corgi Blogger Gift Exchange sent us a couple of things from Rockin' Doggie.A tiny heart charm with a paw print in it (will probably be going on a charm bracelet since Sully doesn't really wear jewelry) and a tree ornament. Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution Run 2012

The new year found me in my basement, treadmilling for the Resolution Run put on by Run to the Finish. I did some intervals of 30 second sprints and 60 minute jogs since that's what my 12 Days of Christmas Workout called for. :) I did a little over 3 miles total and watched some Star Trek Next Generation while I was at it. We've been in a real Star Trek mood lately! We even went to Star Trek: The Exhbition at the St. Louis Science Center over Christmas vacation.

Anyway, you can't read my resolution but it's to complete my monthly theme each month this year. I have too many ideas for yearly goals so this year I broke it down into monthly themes and I'll be doing activities related to each month's theme as it comes along this year.
My themes are:
January-Budget Review
March-New Experiences
June-Spring Cleaning
July-Mike's birthday
August-New Rules of Lifting for Women
September-New Rules of Lifting for Women
October-Fall Fun
November-Holiday Planning and crafting

I will have a follow up post with some of the activities I have planned. And I also have monthly themes for Sully and our training and showing goals that I'll share. :)