Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Thing #47

We may not have kids but I am by no means a "Childfree" nut who hates children and wishes no one in the world had them. But when you look online for advice and support for those who don't have kids, a lot of what you find are those overzealous children-haters. I really appreciate a few websites that have excellent, non-rant-filled posts about issues regarding having children or not. My favorite is: Have Children or Not? written by a lifecoach named Beth. She posts links to really great articles, talks about experiences with clients who she has helped make the decision to have children or not and offers great advice that is truly unbiased.


  1. It's a hard decision. Luckily my family believes it is a personal decision and that pressure is never to be applied, so my husband and I could take all the time we felt like we needed to figure it out. We ultimately decided to, but only after having many years with just the two of us, and lots of time to do things we wanted to do. I know people whose parents never ceased the pressure, leaving their kids feeling guilty and strangely unfulfilled, despite having lives that were just the way they wanted. Anyway! I think everyone should have the space to decide for themselves! And no judgment either way!

  2. I agree, ultimately the decision to have kids should really not involve anyone but the perspective parents! Luckily our families have NEVER put any pressure on us either, so that's not an issue. It's mainly just nice to know there are people out there like you who are going through the same decision making process. (Because for SO MANY it's either completely clear to them that they WILL have kids or it's not even a choice, they just get pregnant without even thinking about it first.) And it's great to meet or read about people who are now older and how they feel about their decision not to have children.