Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Thing #36

Say what you will about Daylight Saving Time (my husband thinks we should completely abolish it) but waking up and being able to walk the dog in SUNSHINE was a fantastic treat! Yes it's completely dark when I get to my car to come home from work. But it's a lot easier to loaf at home when it's dark and I'd rather do my loafing in the evening than the morning!

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  1. Really I just think that as a society we've passed by the need to adjust when the sun rises and sets. More people work at odd times of the day/night than do not, so the supposed energy savings that occur are actually just moving figures around.

    Down with DST!

    Although really, we could just go by UTC in my thinking and do away with the goofy time zones as it is.

    It might be nice to change UTC +0 away from its eurocentric origins to the current UTC +14(!) of Christmas island (does UTC +14 mean there's 26 hours in the day?)