Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Thing #29

I don't have any pictures from the dog show this weekend but here's one of Sully being extra cute! (yes, those toys are ALL HIS!)

Sully did a great job, but didn't win any ribbons. He made a major boo-boo on the same exercise twice and so we NQ'd in both Open classes. But I really am happy with his attitude and performance on everything else, he was in such a great mood all weekend and really did a super job! He's such a great dog to live with and train that I can't ever really be upset with him. He never tries to get out of doing what I tell him to. He's never just plain stubborn like some dogs (Corgis in particular). He honestly tries his best to do what he thinks you want from him and the only thing that gets in the way is fear. Sometimes his fear is just bigger than anything else and stops him in his tracks.

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